Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional on MSDN

I have just been reminded that Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional (final) has recently been released to MSDN users. So far only the English version is available in Professional, Enterprise Architect & Enterprise Developer flavours weighing in from 560mb to a hefty 695 MB (one CD)

Built to address today's most challenging software development needs, Visual Studio .NET 2003 enhances, further refines, and is highly compatible with its predecessor. Visual Studio .NET 2003 includes a complete range of capabilities from modelers that aid in visually composing the most complex of enterprise-class applications to deploying an application on the smallest of devices. In use by companies of every size across the world, Visual Studio .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework provide a powerful, sophisticated, end-to-end tool for designing, developing, debugging, and deploying secure applications for Microsoft Windows® and the Web—applications that are robust and easy to use. Visual Studio .NET 2003 contains an enhanced version of the .NET Framework. The .NET Framework version 1.1 builds upon the previous version with new capabilities, enhancements, and improvements to documentation. With integrated support for the .NET Compact Framework, Visual Studio .NET 2003 brings mobile and embedded devices such as the Pocket PC, as well as other devices powered by the Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system, to .NET. Now, developers can use the same programming model, development tools, and skills to build applications that span from small devices to the largest data center.
Screenshot: Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional on MSDN

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