Vodafone set to offer Nreal Light AR/MR glasses in spring 2021

The Nreal Light glasses on a red and black background

Vodafone has announced that it will be selling Nreal Light glasses to consumers and businesses in the first quarter of 2021. The device is capable of providing augmented (AR) and mixed reality (MR) experiences and operates using Vodafone’s high-speed, ultra-low latency gigabit 5G network. The headset is first expected to launch in Germany and Spain with other Vodafone markets set to follow.

According to Vodafone, Nreal Light glasses are cutting edge, lightweight and comfortable. They include an industry-leading widescreen display that’s equivalent to viewing a portable IMAX screen. Using a wired USB-C connection, Nreal Light users can connect and control their Android devices.

Vodafone has not said how much the Nreal Light will cost but it has described the product as affordable; in other markets, they’re selling for around $499/€405. The device is compatible with most Android applications and can be used to browse the web, shop, watch videos, play games and access social media. The Nreal Light allows you to multitask with three apps at once.

Commenting on the news, Vodafone Group Director Products & Services Phil Patel said:

“Nreal Light is a breakthrough product and we are excited to announce that Vodafone is bringing Nreal’s cutting-edge glasses to Europe. Nreal Light combined with Vodafone’s high speed, ultra-low latency Gigabit 5G network will give consumers and businesses an affordable, accessible way of experiencing the latest augmented and mixed reality experiences and brings the future a little closer for everyone.”

Vodafone has said that it's also collaborating with Nreal to develop some immersive AR and MR applications for consumers and businesses; they include sports apps that overlay statistics and graphics during live games, advanced multiplayer games that blend live and virtual environments in real-time, navigation and tour guides, fitness coaching, interior design and immersive education.

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