Want a Surface 3 with LTE? That'll cost you £77,777.77

Despite the fact that the Surface division has recently become a billion dollar business inside of Microsoft, it looks like the company wants to get a lot more out of its hardware. That’s why Microsoft is currently selling a Surface 3 model for £77,777.77 or just shy of $125,000.

Yes you read that right, there are Surface 3 models that are currently on sale for that price. What do you get for the all that money? Nothing special apparently, because these are the standard 128GB and 64GB devices. What seems to be really expensive though, is the LTE option, for which you’ll need to pay a hefty £77,300 premium.

Obviously this is a bug in Microsoft’s online UK store, affecting LTE models of the Surface 3. What’s weird is that the bug has been present for almost 24 hours now and nobody seems to be too keen on fixing it.

There’s also no word on whether Microsoft is actually selling any of these models with the new price. Probably not, though we suppose that’d be one way to make the Surface division a bit more profitable.

Source: Microsoft Store UK via El Reg

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