What comes after Android 5.0 Jelly Bean?

It seems that Google will be using the name "Key Lime Pie" for the version of Android that comes after Jelly Bean. The revelation comes from an insider who tipped The Verge on Android’s Jelly Bean update last year – so apparently, the source is reliable. At this time it is impossible to say what Android version number Key Lime Pie will be or when it’ll be unveiled - but as we haven’t even seen the Jelly Bean update yet, it might be reasonable to expect it in 2013.

Jelly Bean is expected to be released later this year and it will reportedly allow vendors to add Android 5.0 to a Windows 8-based tablet or notebook, allowing users to switch between the operating systems without a reboot. Key Lime Pie is assumed to improve the compatibility of the operating system on these future tablets.

Is anyone hungry for some Key Lime Pie?

The moment we learn more, we’ll keep you posted.

Image credit: Cook-Eat-Love

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