What console do you plan to buy later this year?

What a difference two weeks make.

On June 6, Microsoft announced several digital rights management requirements of its upcoming Xbox One console, including a mandatory Internet check once every 24 hours and the ability of publishers to restrict the sale of used games. Those requirements were nixed on Wednesday, however, when Microsoft backtracked on the policies in the wake of a negative reaction at the E3 gaming conference last week.

At the conference, Sony received a standing ovation for its announcement that the PlayStation 4 would not restrict the sale of used games or require a mandatory Internet check for any period of time.

Neowin users were overwhelmingly opposed to the previously announced Xbox One DRM requirements, with 47 percent of respondents saying they opposed the Internet check and restriction on used games sales after Microsoft revealed the policies. Another 11 percent said their opinions of the console remained unfavorable, though 17 percent said their opinions of the console remained favorable.

Nintendo's Wii U was released last year, though this poll is only interested in whether you plan on buying either console set for release later this year. 

Images via Microsoft and Sony

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