Which search engine really gives the best results?

With the introduction of Bing just recently, from Microsoft, many have been wondering about the results it gives, and how they compare to others such as Google or Yahoo!. Some people prefer Google for the simplicity (and the habit of using it), others prefer Bing for the added features and extra information it can provide, and the rest prefer Yahoo!... well, the rest just prefer Yahoo!.

An employee of Microsoft has set out to see which of the three companies truly gives the best results, with a handy website called Blind Search. The purpose of this website is for you to enter your search query, and it will provide you three different columns of results. You then choose the one which you think is the most appropriate for your needs, and once you've done that, the vote will be added to the international counter on the website, and your choice will be revealed.

This is a great little test (though, be warned, it's still in "very very beta") to see which users really prefer. Of course, this is all based on personal preference, and even so, if one search engine provides better results, you may still wish to use others for the features, etc. It's interesting to see the votes, so go ahead and try it out, and post back here on which you find yourself choosing the most!

[Update]: You will not be able to see the percentage of votes currently, as the owner of the website has posted the following message: "Some douche is gaming the system, I've removed the ability to see the results until I sort this out. Meanwhile you can still have fun playing with blind search. Feel free to blame the douche for ruining it for everybody. Meanwhile, I wouldn't take this a scientific whats-e-ma-jing, it's just a bit of observational fun."

View: Blind Search

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