Why does Netscape still exist?

There's an excellent commentary over at ZDNet discussing Netscape / AOL vs MS, and how the former's browser continues to exist

And I quote:.

"Netscape actually lost the browser wars a long time ago, in part because of Microsoft's tactics but also because its product is no longer very good -- and no judicial ruling is going to change that. Even AOL realizes this, since it bundles Internet Explorer instead of Netscape with its own PC software.

No, there's no question that Microsoft crushed Netscape. The real question raised by the suit is not whether the Justice Department's proposed settlement with Microsoft is too lenient -- as AOL's jumping into the litigation at this time would suggest -- but rather, Why does Netscape even exist anymore? ... it seems that the most important thing ownership of Netscape allows AOL to do is sue Microsoft.

...If nothing else, AOL's suit only serves as an ugly reminder of the $10 billion it poured down the drain when it bought Netscape back in 1999. To me it's just sad that Netscape, once so proud and seemingly destined for greatness, has been reduced to nothing more than a whipping post for AOL's lawyers."

The rest of the article - abridged above - is well worth a read.

News source: ZDNet News

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