Windows 11 running on Surface Duo makes more progress

A couple of months ago, Gustave Monce managed to dual-boot Windows 11 and Android on the Surface Duo device. However, the results weren't that encouraging as several basic features weren't available at that time. It did nothing more than sounding fancy to the users. On the bright side of things, Windows 11 on Surface Duo has made some noteworthy progress in the last couple of months.

In a series of tweets, Gustave Monce has shown us the progress of this project. The performance of the Windows 11 on the Duo is currently "a bit glitchy," as described by him, though the latest Windows 11 features such as improved Snap Assist are working. Windows 11 running on Duo can also get access to the Windows 11 notification panel. Windows 11 Task View is also working, meaning you can add multiple desktops.

However, we're still in the dark about whether important features like camera and app spanning can be functional on Windows 11-powered Surface Duo. But since the dual-screen layout seems to be working pretty well, you can run two apps side by side.

Touch wasn't working when Gustave first successfully did Windows 11 booting on the Duo, and it still isn't working now. The device is currently being controlled using a Mouse, though he's quite hopeful that touch will soon work on the device.

With all that said, Surface Duo owners should think twice before installing Windows 11 on their device, as the performance can be unstable, and more importantly, you may not find it practical to use Windows 11 on your dual-display phone. But if Duo isn't your primary device, you can give it a try.

Windows 11 on Surface Duo is compatible with 128 GB/256GB (unlocked and AT&T) running Android 10 and 11. However, Surface Duo 2 is not supported currently. You can find everything you need to install Windows 11 on the Surface Duo here.

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