Windows 2003 as a Workstation Guide (restored)

Many people have asked about the Windows 2003 as a Workstation guide and if it will be reposted, I have just completed it from a backed up Word .doc that Sphere sent me via PM just after I originally posted it. We were even able to secure the original post ID the article first appeared on which means all the sites that previously reported this will still have a valid link to it.

Heres a snip from the article: So Windows 2003 Professional turned out to be a pipe dream, faster than we could get used to the idea being a reality it was played down/denied by Microsoft and all the knowledge base articles were removed to be corrected. It turned out to be an oversight. Well, we aren't ones to give up so easily at Neowin, so we have put together a guide that turns Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition into what we would rather call Windows 2003 Professional.

Why, I hear you scream? Well, there's only one simple answer for that, because we can ;)

View: Windows 2003 as a Workstation Guide

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