Windows 7 pre-order sales remain strong

After Microsoft started selling Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional upgrades at a discount, consumers were flocking to take advantage of these discounts resulting in strong sales, and according to Information Week, those pre-order sales continue to remain strong.

Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade continues to remain number one in Amazon's software category, while the Professional version remains at number two. This is good news for Microsoft, which saw Windows sales fall 16% in the most recent quarter.

Currently, Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade is being sold for $49, while Windows 7 Professional upgrade is being sold for $99 until July 11th or "while supplies last". HP and other computer manufacturers are also offering free Vista to Windows 7 upgrades on qualifying PC's.

Customers in the US can pre-order Windows 7 from the Microsoft Store,, Best Buy, Frys, Newegg, Office Depot and Tiger Direct. Customers in Canada can pre-order from Microsoft,, Best Buy, Future Shop, London Drugs, Staples and The Source.

Despite these strong sales, Microsoft still faces challenges. These include competition from Apple, which is selling it's Snow Leopard upgrade at $29, Google, which is trying to undermine Windows with its web based applications. and the European Union, which has been putting anti-trust pressure on Microsoft, resulting in consequences for the consumer.

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