Windows 8 'Aero Lite' shown off with more detail in new images

Windows 8 will bring many things to the table with regards to new functionality and visual styles. While this is great for everyone with a modern machine, Microsoft does not want to leave out those with hardware that is not up to spec for the new visual cues. 

On this front, Aero Lite will be a new theme for Windows 8 that will encompass the new Meto design language. The image above shows off the new theme in more detail than previous images have shown. In the image, you can see the new start menu with the Metro design applied. The taskbar is also now included in the Aero Lite theme as well and now appears flatter when compared to Windows 7 or Vista. 

This image comes courtesy of MDL where users are still digging through the latest leak. With the leak in the hands of many, as time goes, it is expected that more features will be uncovered and eventually unlocked. 

It shouldn't come as a major surprise that Microsoft will bring the 'Metro' look to Windows 8 as the company has been displaying that visual style on several of its interfaces. The 'Metro' look is set to become a staple of Microsoft products as they continue to build a brand around that visual style to help differentiate their products.

Windows 8 is far off from public availability and it is rumored that a public beta may be announced at PDC later this year. It is expected that Microsoft will launch Windows 8 in late 2012 with the latest rumors suggesting that retail availability will happen in early 2013.


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