Windows 8.1 may add app download progress bar under Live Tile

When Windows 8 users see that there are updates available for their Modern UI-based apps, they have to go to the Windows Store to see which apps have a new version available. Currently, the interface for updating Windows 8 apps is rather poorly designed. You basically see the icons of each app that are available for update in a column and when you click or touch on the update button on the bottom you see each icon turn into a smaller version with a progress bar.

Now it looks like Windows 8.1 might change or at least add to the information for updates in Modern apps. Neowin reader FaiKee, in a post on our forums, spotted something interesting in a leaked screenshot from the recently leaked 9364 build of Windows 8.1. It appears to be a download progress bar in the Live Tile of a Windows 8 app.

This might suggest that users of Windows 8.1 won't have to go though the Windows Store interface to update their apps anymore but rather simply update them when the Live Tile that corresponds to the apps says there's an update that's ready to download. If true, that would certainly be an improvement over the current Windows 8 app update UI.

Thanks for the tip, FaiKee!

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