Windows 9: Storage Sense makes entry level devices much more friendly

This past week has been good for those of you who are anxiously awaiting Windows 9. With new videos showing off all sorts of features, one that seemed to slip by was Storage Sense, until now. 

And thanks to new images, we can now get a better look at feature. As expected, the feature will help you manage your storage across multiple devices. 

One of the features that will make lives easier is the ability to save content to a removable drive by default. Why would this be helpful? Well, for machines, like the entry-level Windows 8 devices that are coming out with low amounts of storage, you can now save content directly to an SD card. It's a very simple addition but one that will have a huge impact on the tablets that are now shipping for less than $200.

Considering that Windows is much more flexible with storage (multiple hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, OneDrive and more), this feature very well may be the best Windows solution yet for managing storage across multiple devices.

While the partner builds that have been released do lack some features, namely Cortana and the new IE12 interface, they do contain the new Start menu and windowed Modern apps. While we wait for Microsoft to formally announce Windows 9 (possibly later this month), this is as good as it gets, for now.

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