Windows Phone 7: "Mango" already floating around

Hot on the heels of the NoDo release drama, we've started seeing rumors of Mango being in the wild floating around more and more, and today, Wmpoweruser published a video of what appears to be Mango running on an HD2.

"The Dark Force Team" is the team that previously hacked Windows Phone 7 onto the HD2, and in a seemingly innocent video of NoDo on the HD2, the recorder "accidentally" lets another device into shot, which shows a new search button in the app list. Neowin has confirmed that the search button is a part of Mango, and is a solution to the ever-growing application list problem, and will save a lot of scrolling.

Mango is pinned to include IE9, multitasking, as well as other enhancements -- one of which is rumored to be an "entertainment update" for Zune -- and is due out towards the end of this year.

NoDo, the first major update for WP7 which was just published by Microsoft this month, brings Copy & Paste, as well as performance boosts to the platform. NoDo is a welcome update for many, and is still currently rolling out to many users worldwide.

See for yourself below, around the 2:45 mark.

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