Windows Phone 7 spotted on Samsung prototype, plays Xbox Live game

So far we've only seen three devices running Microsoft's up and coming Windows Phone 7 mobile OS - we've seen the ASUS prototype model that is the main testing device for WP7, the LG Panther which recently was shown on the Engadget show, and the Omnia i8910 which was hacked to run Windows Phone for a "One-off demo".

Engadget is reporting that the Omnia was shown off again this week at an event in France called "reMIX", with a recent build of Windows Phone 7 running on it - which seems to be making great progress - the OS/Phone is fast, responsive and all the features functioning - including GPS and Camera. Videos of the phone running have surfaced, which show the phone performing day-to-day tasks, as well as playing a ported Xbox Live Arcade/iPhone game, which was programmed in one week using a staggering 90% shared code. 

Engadget points out that the device "looks like an Omnia" but doesn't have the Omnia's original OMAP3 processor - instead the internals have been swapped out for a more powerful SnapDragon processor.

Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft's highly anticipated update to the older Windows Mobile series, due out in "late 2010". There has been a lot of news surrounding the release, with Skype and Mozilla dropping development of their products due to OS restrictions, and leaks of new phone models surfacing regularly.

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