Windows Phone 8 testing on Lumia 610 and Lumia 800?


There has been a lot of talk lately about Windows Phone 8 and if it will be coming to Windows Phone 7 devices currently on the market. There is the yes, and then no, and the maybe... often contradictory information floating around, which leaves us at the point that no one really knows what is going to happen when it comes to upgrading existing devices.

A known distributor of internal Microsoft information, MSnerd, claims that Nokia and Microsoft are currently testing Windows Phone 8 on a Nokia Lumia 610. But, MSnerd states that performance is currently not up to spec at this time - but there is still plenty of time for Microsoft to iron out any kinks in the new OS.

Building on the above information, there is chatter on a Chinese forum,, that states that there is a new Windows Phone 8 device in testing at this moment from Nokia; this should not be a surprise seeing as Nokia is the go-to vendor for Microsoft's mobile OS.

The post is a bit hard to understand, to put it mildly. It states that a Microsoft insider has a Lumia 800 with WP8 installed. The post also states that there are some compatibility issues with some applications but those are in the process of being repaired. Unfortunately, the post is unclear on whether or not Lumia 800s will get an upgrade as the translation is poor, but it does suggest that the Lumia 800 will not be upgraded: “my friend is Lumia 800 WP8 system, do not ask cannot be upgraded”. You can read the post here.

Take all of the information with a grain of salt as we cannot verify what is being said by MSnerd or what is posted on the Chinese forum. Seeing as we know very little about Microsoft's plans for Windows Phone 8, we will take what we can get our hands on. 

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