Windows Product Activation: Not as Bad as It Looks

Who would of thought! PT is thumbs up with WPA after all!

If you buy a new PC with Windows XP installed on it, you WON'T have to deal with Windows Product Activation (WPA)! That's because the version of XP that ships with new PCs will be tied only to that PC's BIOS, which means that you can swap out every hardware component on the system (including the motherboard, incidentally, as long as you use one the same PC maker supplies) as often as you want, and XP will never ask you to reactivate it. And if you restore the system by using the PC maker-supplied restore CD-ROMs, activation isn't required, ever. This information affects about 90 percent of the people who will eventually use XP, so it's great news.

erm ok :right: so now we are tied to the hardware vendor too? ugh..

News source: Wininformant

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