Windows Server 2003 Build 3790 in escrow

The good people over at WiNBETA have let us know that earlier reports and rumours that we covered earlier this week are indeed true. Thanks to St. Paul's cathedral in London they have managed to find out through St. Paul's walls that the current build of Windows Server 2003 is indeed 3790. According to WiNBETA screenshots are to be posted shortly to confirm this.

It looks as though Microsoft really wants to debut Windows Server 2003 the best they can, why wouldn't they considering it has been in development for around 3 years. Set backs of this kind can only be good for the product itself, showing Microsoft is really pushing towards quality, stability and security in its Operating Systems. Let's hope these minor set backs to the RTM date again don't effect the Official launch date which is still the 24th of April.

News source: WiNBETA

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