Windows tablets gain as Android and Apple see decline in sales

According to a recent report by StrategyAnalytics, a research and analytics firm, Windows tablets have seen a major growth in the sector in FY2016 as the OS grew 4 percentage points last year, while its rivals struggled.

In a rather unprecedented turn, Apple and Samsung experienced a double-digit decline losing 19% and 10%, respectively. Android, which has so far ruled the market, lost two percentage points and now stands at 63%, selling 40.3 million units down from 44.9 million units the year before. Their loss, however, meant Microsoft's gain as Windows grew 19% to sell 10.1 million units, up from 8.5 million units in 2015, and now commands 16% market share. Amazon also grew by 21% selling 4.2 million units and now has 5% market share.

The tablet market had a rough time, as total sales decreased by 9% with sales of 63.5 million units, down from 69.6 million units in FY2015. 2-in-1s had a good year, but cost continues to be a factor there.

As Eric Smith, Senior Analyst, Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies service explained:

“2-in-1 Tablets are a hot market segment but price remains a key factor in consumer behaviors around PC and Tablet replacement devices, which is evident in lower shipments of iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4 devices in the quarter. Apple cut prices on its iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 models but introduced no new iPad Pro models or pricing during the quarter, leading to 4% ASP decline year-on-year. Microsoft has not released a major refresh of its Surface Pro or Surface Book devices in over a year, which has given its OEM partners and other mobile-first companies a chance to catch up with high-performing, lower cost Surface clones.”

While the iPad Pro continues to outsell the Surface line, OEMs are making sure that Windows stays on course to command almost one-fifth of the tablet market by 2019, according to the research firm. With the Surface Pro 5 landing this year and OEMs picking up the slack, Windows is likely to repeat its success this year. Read more about the report here.

Source: StrategyAnalytics via MSPoweruser

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