WinInfo Short Takes: Week of August 19

Our good friend Paul has posted his short takes, here are some of his interesting findings...

    Microsoft Prepping New Keyboards and Mice

    This week, Microsoft received federal approval for its Bluetooth-based keyboard and mouse products, which will use the wireless technology to connect the devices to a PC. The company will sell the products together in a kit that includes a USB-based Bluetooth transceiver for the PC, since most PCs today don't yet ship with Bluetooth hardware, though that should change by early 2003.

    Additionally, Microsoft will start selling two new wired keyboards this fall, including the Multimedia Keyboard, and a new Natural Multimedia Keyboard with an ergonomic "split" keyboard layout. Both the Multimedia Keyboard and the Natural Multimedia Keyboard have revised looks, with a deep blue band across the top and integrated wrist rests.

    Dell Entering Printer, PDA Markets

    Dell Computer revealed this week that it will enter the printer and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) markets in 2003, ending speculation that it was planning to expand the range of products it sells. Dell hasn't offered up many details about its plans, beyond the acknowledgements, but the company is expected to release Pocket PC devices and rebranded printers from a major supplier.

    EULA Insanity Continues

    The computer trade press continued to hound Microsoft this week for its poorly worded End User License Agreements (EULAs) which, among many other things, appear to open up your personal information, your first born child, and all of your personal assets to the company, if you just read them the right way. But you can sense a kind of desperation in certain pseudo-journalistic circles, as if there just has to be some Microsoft conspiracy going on.

    Microsoft is one of the most closely watched companies on the planet, and there is just no way that they'd be stupid enough to start violating your privacy, if only because they'd be immediately found out. Coincidentally (and you'll soon see why that word itself is hilarious), the New York Times Magazine recently published an excellent long-form expose on why human beings see conspiracies everywhere they look.

News source: WinInformant

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