Wireless To Blanket All Of New York City

New York City is preparing to go fully wireless by January, 2005. The deal is currently being finalized between New York City authorities and six technology companies. To strengthen coverage and signal, 18,000 new lamp post-based antennas will be installed virtually everywhere in the five burroughs that make up New York City.

The plan has already come under fire by local officials concerned what the new antennas will do to people's health, now and in the long run. Local activist John Campos of Queens, NY, says, "Within where I live, over a mile radius, there are over 300 antennas already," said Mr Campos, pointing at a cluster of small masts on a rooftop across the street. "What happens if in 20 years, there's even a minor adverse reaction to human beings?"

Peter Vallone Jr is a Queens council member and chairman of the city's safety committee who also shares Mr. Campos's concerns. "The city was in the papers when I first came out against this, saying there's less radiation than from a microwave (oven) from these antennas, and that may be true," said councilman Vallone. "But nobody runs a microwave 24 hours a day, seven days a week, outside their bedroom door when they are sleeping. That's why it's important we study this," he added.

Commissioner Menchini addresses these concerns by stating, "We've had industry experts come in and advise us on this and everything I've heard, from our health commissioner to the industry experts, says there's no health risk associated with these antennas and these devices."

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