World+dog waits for release of Windows for AMD64

THE BETA PROGRAMME for AMD64 for Windows still continues and no-one at AMD nor at Microsoft has yet been able to give us a date for the final release. But while we're waiting for someone at Microsoft to pull the "on switch", there are 64-bit games for Windows waiting for the say-so.

Those games include Epic's Unreal Tournament – you'll remember that AMD itself demoed this game for the 64-bit platform at Comdex er, two Comdexes ago. When will we see Unreal Tournament 64 finally released? We suspect that when Microsoft decides to go ahead with AMD64 for Windows, there will be a rash of games supported by the operating system.

In the meantime, it just looks as if everyone will have to wait. Is the Microsoft delay due to Intel influence? That's possibly a conspiracy theory too far. Microsoft is perfectly capable of delaying its own products without any interference from anyone else, thank you very much. So when you buy your 3400+ Athlon 64, which we understand will indeed be in distribution and the shops tomorrow, gnash your teeth at the Vole. The fault can be laid at its door.

News source: The Inq

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