Xbox Music gets an update on Windows Phone, but don't get too excited

Microsoft's latest update for the Xbox Music app has now made its way to the Windows Phone Store - but if you were hoping for an all-singing, all-dancing update packed full of new features, we should probably get the disappointment out of the way before we continue. 

Alas, there are no new features at all in this latest release, which bumps the version number up to 2.6.288, from the previous version 2.6.224 which, as WPCentral notes, was released on August 27. That means it's been three weeks since Xbox Music was last updated on Windows Phone 8.1, making this release a bit late, given that Microsoft has previously committed to a fortnightly cadence for delivering improvements to the app. 

A quick glance through the Windows Phone Store listing for the app should give you a hint as to why such regular updates are needed - it only has a 2-star rating, out of a possible 5, and many recent reviews have rewarded its poor performance, frequent lag and regular crashes with one-star reviews. 

This perhaps explains why Microsoft has been preoccupied with improving the quality of the app as it already stands, before squeezing in any new features or other additions. On its Xbox Music UserVoice page, the company said: 

Among other important bug fixes, version 2.6.288 prevents an unexpected app exit that could happen when playing music during collection sync! We hope this update makes your music listening just a little bit smoother!"

Have you noticed any improvements in performance since downloading the update? Have you been experiencing any other issues in using the app? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Download: Windows Phone Store | via WPCentral

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