Xbox One Backward Compatibility now supports 450 games, with five new ones

Today, Microsoft added five more titles to the list of games that are playable on the Xbox One through the Backward Compatibility program. It used to be a list of Xbox 360 games, but earlier this week, 13 games for the original Xbox were added to it.

The full list now includes 450 titles; it's the latest milestone since July when it reached 400. Here are today's new additions:

0 day Attack on Earth ($14.99)

Seven days that will determine the fate of humanity now begin… High-tech Tokyo is in rubble. The once vibrant New York ground to a halt. And the city of lights, Paris, enveloped by darkness and despair. Join mankind’s struggle against massive invaders as they converge on the world’s major cities. In battles set over actual areas in modern metropolitan cities, take flight in one of 8 futuristic aircraft as you help repel these humongous enemies. With more than 20 stages covering 3 cities, this dual joystick shooter becomes a truly worldwide effort when you work together with friends over Xbox LIVE. Play with up to 4 people simultaneously on co-op or 8 people on versus modes. Save Earth. Join the fight.

Deadfall Adventures ($39.99)

“All things live forever, though at times they sleep and are forgotten.” You are James Lee Quatermain, descendant of the legendary adventurer Allan Quatermain. Reluctantly, Quatermain agrees to help the US government find a powerful artefact before the Nazis or the Russians do. Its pieces are hidden in ancient temples across the globe, protected by deadly traps and raging mummies. Ready your guns, because the hunt is on. Classic action-adventure story set in exotic locations around the globe – Egypt, Arctic and forgotten ruins of the Maya Inspired by the novels of H. Rider Haggard Levels full of traps, puzzles and hidden treasures Make use of your adventurer-equipment (compass, flashlight, notebook) Singleplayer campaign, plus multiple multiplayer modes: Classic Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch (12 players) Treasure Hunt Mode (2 teams – Max 6 players per team) Co-op Survival Mode (4 players)

Girl Fight ($9.99)

Follow the journey of eight fierce females with psychic powers who battle each other within a secret government research facility! Fight using both hand-to-hand combat and supernatural psychic attacks in a wide variety of doomsday scenarios! Perform awesome moves in battle to earn virtual currency to unlock extra content, such as new psychic abilities, alternate costumes, in-depth backstory, and sexy illustrations of the girls! Psychic warfare starts here!

Mutant Storm Reloaded ($9.99)

Fight your way through room after mutant-filled room in a quest to save the human race. Collect weapon upgrades, earn bonuses for clearing a room quickly, and don't forget to use the architectural obstacles to your advantage. The difficulty level rises each time you progress. Survive, and you could earn the elusive Black Belt.

Yosumin! LIVE ($9.99)

A puzzle game where the aim is to find rectangles of matching tiles known as "yosumin" and make them disappear. Make massive rectangles for the ultimate feeling of satisfaction! It's not just about solo play - there are online battle modes to enjoy as well!

While Deadfall Adventures is the most expensive game to be added today, you might want to hold off on it, as it will be available for free next month as part of Games with Gold, which offers four free games per month to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

And it's not too late to cash in on this month's offers. Gone Home: Console Edition (Xbox One) and Medal of Honor: Airborne (Xbox 360) are available until the end of the month, and you can claim The Turing Test (Xbox One) until November 15.

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