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Meta is rumored to be working on camera-equipped AI-powered earphones

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Every major technology company is investing its resources heavily in the race to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to the masses. Earlier, we reported that Apple is almost close to closing the deal with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT integration to iOS 18. Recently, Google showed the working demo of Gemini AI in multiple videos on X, highlighting how it fairs against OpenAI's GPT-4o.

Now, according to the latest report by The Information, Facebook's parent company, Meta, is entering the AI fight with a step forward from its rivals. Meta is reportedly working on AI-powered and camera-equipped earphones.

Notably, these camera-equipped AI-powered earphones are internally dubbed "Camerabuds." According to the report, these earphones will use AI capabilities and cameras for real-time object identification and language translation.

The report adds that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shown keen interest in this project and has also foreseen multiple design concepts, including in-ear and over-the-ear designs related to the "Camerabuds."

Moreover, Meta's leadership sees AI-powered earphones as the possible future for wearable technology, and they believe that after Meta, rival companies will follow suit. The company is rumored to be in talks with Ear Micro, a Kansas-based electronics company with expertise in "smart" earphones, to explore the possibilities of this AI-powered earphone technology.

There are technical hurdles with the "Camerabuds" that the company may be facing or may face during its development. Potential camera obstruction by long hair, overheating, etc, are some of the main problems that Meta needs to overcome before the product can see the light of day. Privacy concerns because of the use of cameras inside wearable devices are also something that the company would need to address.

Although startups like Humane and Rabbit have already developed AI-powered devices, their execution has been in question, with some saying that these devices are just straight-up trash.

Let us know your thoughts on the alleged "Camerabuds" and if you would like to use such a device in the future.

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