Xiaomi launches the 10,000mAh Mi Powerbank Pro, a slim mobile charger with USB-C for $22

Xiaomi has launched a new Powerbank mobile charger, cramming a huge amount of juice into a slim and light package. The new Mi Powerbank Pro contains a 10,000mAh battery, and with a body that weighs 223g and is just 12.6mm thick, it's 42% thinner than the non-Pro version.

The most appealing new feature for many potential buyers will be the inclusion of a USB Type-C connector, allowing owners of many of the latest handsets - including the Google Nexus 5X and 6P, Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL, and Xiaomi's own Mi 5 flagship, which it announced last month - to easily and quickly charge their batteries.

The Mi Powerbank Pro includes fast-charging capabilities, which will let users recharge it fully in 3.5 hours. Xiaomi said that this fast-charge functionality greatly reduces the time it takes to juice up your devices too - according to the company, using its older Powerbank takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to charge the 3000mAh battery in its Mi Note Pro, but with the new Powerbank Pro, it takes only an hour and 50 minutes.

The best aspect of the charger may well be its price. The Xiaomi 10000 Mi Powerbank Pro will go on sale for 149 CNY (roughly $22 USD) - that's a little pricier than the $19 OnePlus Power Bank, for example, but the USB-C feature on the Xiaomi model appears to be worth the small premium.

Of course, if you don't much like the idea of carrying around both a smartphone and a mobile charging pack, you could always combine the two - Oukitel's K10000 Android handset has a built-in 10,000mAh battery, promising around a week of 'normal' usage from a single charge.

Source: Xiaomi via PocketNow

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