Xiaomi responds to Department of Defense's investment ban

Several hours ago, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) released an updated list of companies it claimed to have ties to the communist Chinese military. The list, which essentially puts these companies under an investment blacklist, has added nine new firms including Chinese phone maker Xiaomi.

In response, Xiaomi today released its own statement debunking the DoD's claim. The company clarified to its partners and customers that it is not a "Communist Chinese military company". More to the point, Xiaomi confirmed that the Chinese military does not own or control it.

DoD's announcement is the latest list of companies that are allegedly affiliated to or controlled by China operating either directly or indirectly within the U.S. That said, Xiaomi maintained that it complies with the "regulations of jurisdictions where it conducts its business". It also reiterated that its products and services are only for commercial and civilian customers.

Previous lists included notable firms such as Huawei and Semiconductor Manufacturing International. The ban forbids Americans from investing in these firms and requires all existing investors to divest their holdings in the blacklisted companies by November 11.

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