Yahoo revises privacy policy

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UPDATE: Web portal Yahoo has revised its privacy policy to more clearly describe how personal data will be treated in certain circumstances, company executives said.

The new policy states that Yahoo will share information to investigate circumstances involving illegal activity such as fraud, violations of its terms of service agreement, and the use of its service for potential threats. The revision also said Yahoo will transfer user information if it is acquired by another company and abide by the acquiring company's privacy policy.

The changes were sparked by economics and the ongoing trend among companies to comply with investigative bodies following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

"It's the swinging of the pendulum," said Evan Hendricks, editor of privacy newsletter Privacy Times. "It has swung very much toward making it easier to disclose information."

Stating a policy for user data in the event it is acquired could also clear a barrier for Yahoo's future. If the company's policy prohibited it from sharing user data with anyone, Yahoo users could pose a legal challenge to any transfer of user data to a new owner, Hendricks added.

News source: CNet News - Yahoo revises privacy policy

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