YouPorn drops the soap, massive amounts of user data stolen

YouPorn, a top 100 website, has had its data exposed after it was discovered that one of its public facing servers contained a list of users’ email addresses, passwords and dates of birth. In an odd twist of fate, YouPorn finally found a way to literally screw its users.

According to, the credentials of over 1 million users were found on a public facing server and are now being spread across the web. This is surely a case of where a users’ email is more valuable than the password itself as linking a login to an individual could impose significant personal damage.

YouPorn has shut down the offending server that contained the list of user names and passwords but the damage has already been done as the list is currently being passed around the Internet.

To make things even worse, all the data was stored as plain text, so there is no hiding behind an encrypted email address or password. 

So there you have it, one of the largest porn sites on the net just shared over 1 million users’ email address and passwords with the world; so much for the private browsing session. 

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