YouTube adds an incognito mode for Android users

Google has been testing an incognito mode for users of its Android app over the past few months. Today, the firm has finally rolled out the feature via a Play Store update.

Now, users of YouTube for Android can easily switch to Incognito mode and browse the video app without their history or recommendations being polluted with random videos. It is also useful for handing a phone or tablet to children, especially as YouTube will restrict over 18 content unless the user logs in and verifies their identity.

Unfortunately, while in incognito mode users aren't able to access any of the features of YouTube Premium, so there'll be no YouTube Originals or offline media. To access those, you'll need to sign in.

To switch to Incognito mode, all a user need do is tap their account avatar and select "turn on incognito." For as long as you remain incognito, you'll see Google's Incognito icon (borrowed from Chrome) where your account avatar should be, as well as a thin bar letting you know that you're in Incognito (pictured above).

Incognito mode is only available on Android for now, but we imagine that Google should be rolling it out to iOS relatively soon.

Source: The Next Web

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