YouTube headquarters evacuated due to active shooter; casualties reported

There was an active shooter at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California today, police have confirmed. According to a report from CBS SFBayArea, police laid down evidence markers near an outdoor cafe on the campus.

Victims of the shooting are being admitted to San Francisco General Hospital, but while the hospital hasn't confirmed how many victims were admitted. Newsweek is reporting contradictory numbers, saying that the San Bruno Police Department scanner confirmed that 37 people have been transported to hospitals, while other reports are saying that that number is as low as four or five.

The police radio also said that casualties are being taken to the hospital. According to ABC7 in San Francisco, the shooter was a white female that wore a dark top and a head scarf.

Details do seem to be scarce for now, and the facility has been evacuated, so the situation is over.

Police are now on the scene, as is Homeland Security, according to local reports. We'll likely learn more details about the incident over the coming hours and days.

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