Zipper: Xbox Live "more juvenile" than PSN

Ben Jones of Zipper Interactive, the developers behind PlayStation 3 exclusive MAG, has said that he believes the Xbox Live service to be "the more juvenile of the two," making the PlayStation Network a better platform for the game.

A massive multiplayer online first person shooter, MAG will see gamers battle it out in a huge 256 player online battle. Zipper Interactive's previous games include the popular SOCOM series.

Talking to GamerZines at an event in London last week, Jones said "I actually consider Xbox Live the more juvenile of the two," due to "the things that are being said over Xbox Live."

"Each service has its own posse," he explained. "I think the PlayStation audience definitely fits more to our game. As we saw in the beta we've got an audience that's willing to communicate and willing to organize and structure, and help other people to play the game. That's the most remarkable thing that I saw in the beta -- random people helping other players along to try and familiarize themselves with this really cool experience."

MAG is already released in the United States and Europe, with a UK release coming later this week. Australia and New Zealand won't see MAG until February 11th.

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