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Jeffery D Mitchell
02 March 2018
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Computers have been in my blood since receiving a Coleco ADAM for Christmas in 1984...definitely shows my age. Cut my teeth on this machine and learned many fundamental concepts which I carried into the future. Worked with Macs and Sun workstations in University...still get facial tics when I think of writing reports in vi. Moved into the PC space in the mid-nineties and have been there ever since. Have been on every flavour of Windows since Windows was (and still is) tradition for me to upgrade Windows on the day it's released. This mostly went well but sometimes resulted in foot shooting. An iPhone entered my life in 2012, after flirtations with Blackberry and Android. It's a cliche, but the iPhone was a gateway drug to all things Apple. My slide into Apple addiction has seen me become the owner of basically one of everything they make. Today I swing both ways and spend time on both sides of the fence, PC and Mac. My career is not IT officially, as my day job is with a fire science and building code consulting firm, but I am the defacto IT manager in the office. I have enough knowledge to keep our IT company always on their toes...and probably drive them crazy.

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