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28 April 2004
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Always wondering how gadgets (the old, physical kind) worked, Doug has always had an interest in dismantling and rebuilding electronics. Starting with a typewriter that stopped working, to a Commodore 64 with a couple loose cables, technology has always struck a keen interest in him. Moving from the Commodore to an Apple II, then to his first PC with Windows 95, if there was something to tinker with he would be there!

Once the Internet was introduced to Doug, he couldn't get enough. Constantly taking the phone line off the hook to get his fix, he then found you could have your own website, for free! Knowing nothing about how websites worked, and quickly finding the 'view source' option, he hacked his way into an on-line presence.

Beginning his college career, Doug went into a computer science program. From there he began working at a local IT consulting company where he worked on anything that dealt with computers. Later he became their head web developer. Currently Doug works at the Renaissance Center in Detroit as a web developer.

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