Nvidia announces Tegra update, GF100 GPU, 3D surround vision

Nvidia has announced the new Tegra that updates their first generation Tegra, which is currently used in products such as the Zune HD. Tegra sports eight independent processors, a dual core ARM Cortex A9 CPU, and a power draw of only 500 milliwatts. The new Tegra brings 1080p video and even the ability to run games, such as Unreal Tournament III, with a small footprint, Adobe Flash 10.1 acceleration, and support for screen sizes from 5-15 inches. This opens the door for smaller, more power efficient mobile devices with complete multimedia capabilities to be created. Nvidia showcased a few examples, including a tablet running Android with HDMI output. Tegra currently supports Microsoft Windows CE, Ubuntu Linux, and Google Android. Qualified Nvidia registered developers can request the Tegra developer kit now.

In the ever-so-popular 3D category, a demonstration of Fujifilm's new 3D consumer point and shoot camera, FinePix REAL 3D W1, was given. Not only does it take 3D photos in a single shot, it can also record 3D video clips. You can then upload these clips to YouTube and make use of their 3D video player. Nvidia's line of 3D capable GPUs support these new technologies, allowing the user to see their home photos and videos like never before.

The new GeForce chip, GF100 which recently hit production plants, introduces 3D vision surround. This new technology allows you to have up to 6 million pixels, 3 times the resolution of HDTV. In the example Nvidia demonstrated, Avatar: The Game was being played on three side-by-side monitors, allowing the gamer to dive in to an immense 3D world. While nearly all modern games are capable of utilizing Nvidia's 3D architecture out of the box, there was not an estimate given on compatibility with 3D surround vision.

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