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Matthew Jones
Sydney, Australia
17 March 2009
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Confessed social networking addict, Matthew is seldom seen without his iPhone in hand. A true Star Wars geek at heart, he was born and raised in Sydney, Australia on a healthy diet of DOS commands and games that spanned ten floppy disks and took half an hour to install on a good day.

Matthew holds a Bachelor of Journalism (Distinction) and spends his days covering all things news for a major Australian media company. He lives by deadlines and is powered by multiple cans of V and copious amounts of sugar.

He has been known to throw things at people for misusing the words ''your'' and ''you're''.

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The Zune HD lives...again

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For the second time in as many days, Microsoft's Zune HD media player has been brought back from the dead, after a support page declaring the end of the player was pulled and labelled a mistake.