If there's one thing that we can never get enough of from our smartphones - it's battery life. While the iPhone generally offers good battery life, some have criticized Apple for offering a slimmer device year after year, at the expense of battery performance. Naturally, solutions have existed for quite some time that allow users to expand the battery life of their phone by enclosing it into a powered case. Unfortunately, that added battery capacity generally comes at a cost, adding bulk, weight and the potential to making your device unsightly.

Air Case is aiming to change the perception of a battery case by partnering with Innoants in offering what they are claiming to be the "world's thinnest" iPhone battery case. The Air Case measures in at 3.8mm thin and also packs a punch by offering 2400mAh of power. The case comes in two pieces - a metal bezel rim and a plastic back that houses the battery. Putting the two together is a matter of simply popping in the phone into the metal bezel retainer and sliding the back plate on to the bezel.

The case offers a refined fit, but there is a miniscule gap on the front and a few towards the bottom of the device by the charging port. This isn't a waterproof case and these small imperfections are nothing to be concerned about. The iPhone feels snug inside the Air Case, and should be able to take an impact and will most certainly survive small bumps and dings. The case does not offer protection for the screen, so those looking to keep their screens scratch-free, should still invest in some sort of screen cover.

In use, the case can charge an iPhone 6 from around 5% to 100% in about 2 hours. This is done by holding down the button the back to initiate charging. Since the case offers a 2400mAh battery, it will be able to charge an iPhone 6/6s one time and still have a little power left over for a partial charge. The iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus variant will be offered in a capacity of 2800mAh, which should charge the handset one time.

The svelte design of the Air Case is already attractive in itself, but what sets it apart from some of its competitors is its ability for passthrough charging. The Air Case offers a Lightning port on the bottom that when plugged in will charge the phone and the case. This is counter to other products that require a microUSB cable to charge the case.

For those that are concerned about the accessibility to ports, the metal rim does add a layer, making the headphone jack and ringer switch a bit more recessed. While the ringer switch simply requires a little more effort to toggle, the headphone jack functionality will depend on the shape of your headphone plug.

The Air Case combines a sleek design, that's extremely svelte at 3.8mm and offers a 2400mAh battery - priced at an extremely reasonable $39 USD. The Air Case is the perfect combination of form, function and price. If you are someone that requires extra battery for their iPhone 6s/6/6s Plus/6 Plus - this is the case for you.

The Air Case is available via Indiegogo in three different colors options for the iPhone 6/6s and 6 Plus/6s Plus for the next week for $39 USD.

Air Case
price ease of use slim passthrough charging
fitment could be better recessed jack / ringer switch
$39 USD
July 2016


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