Calibre 5.10.1 [Update]


Calibre is an open source e-book library management application that enables you to manage your e-book collection, convert e-books between different formats, synchronize with popular e-book reader devices, and read your e-books with the included viewer.

It acts as an e-library and also allows for format conversion, news feeds to e-book conversion, as well as e-book reader sync features and an integrated e-book viewer.

Calibre's features include: library management; format conversion (all major ebook formats); syncing to e-book reader devices; fetching news from the Web and converting it into ebook form; viewing many different e-book formats, giving you access to your book collection over the internet using just a browser.

Calibre 5.10.0 new features:

  • Bulk metadata edit: Add a new control to compress the cover image files for all selected books. Closes tickets: 1911888

  • Add support for the CB7 comic file file format. Closes tickets: 1912212

  • E-book viewer: Allow adding a button to the selection bar that copies thecurrently selected text along with a calibre:// URL to show the text in the book. Closes tickets: 1912070

  • Conversion: Insert metadata: Allow showing identifiers such as ISBN in the jacket page template

  • Conversion: Insert metadata: Allow hiding entries in the jacket template when they are not present in the metadata

  • calibre-server --manage-users: Add a scriptable interface: calibre-server --manage-users -- help. Closes tickets: 1912337

  • E-book viewer: Add keyboard shortcuts to copy the current location to the clipboard. Closes tickets: 1912070

  • E-book viewer: Highlight all currently visible Table of Contents entries, not just the first. Closes tickets: 1912003

  • Add a new tweak under Preferences->Tweaks->Author sort name algorithm to optionally recognizecommon surname prefixes such as von, van, de, etc. when generating sort names.

Bug fixes:

  • E-book viewer: Move read aloud pop-up bar to the bottom of the screen in flow mode. Closes tickets: 1911470

  • E-book viewer: Fix scrolling with two fingers on touch pad on macOS not smooth. Closes tickets: 1911218

  • PDF Output: When converting fixed layout input documents fix anchors inserted for navigation sometimes being rendered as blue boxes. Closes tickets: 1911466

  • Edit book: Remove unused CSS: Fix selectors that don't match from CSS rules containing multiple selectors not being removed. Closes tickets: 1904350

  • Bulk metadata download: Fix series number not being changes if the series is the same as the existing series

  • E-book viewer: Fix a regression that caused non-HTML descriptions to not be displayed in the metadata page

  • E-book viewer: Fix clock being displayed in 24 hr format on some systems even though system locale is set to use 12 hr format.

  • Bulk metadata edit: Fix regression that inverted the meaning of the case sensitivity setting in the Search & replace tab

  • calibredb list: Fix incorrect output when redirecting to file

Improved news sources:

  • Jacobin
  • Japan Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Mediapart

Changes in Calibre 5.10.1:

  • 5.10.1 fixes a regression in 5.10.0 that broke conversion when including metadata as a jacket page and using long text custom columns

Download: Calibre 5.10.1 for Windows | Portable | Windows 64-bit | ~100.0 MB (Open Source)
Download: Calibre 5.10.1 for MacOS | 144.0 MB
Download: Calibre 5.10.1 for Linux
View: Calibre Home Page | Calibre Screenshot

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