WebChangeMonitor 23.05


Monitors allows you to quickly check a number of web pages and tracks changes based on the content of the web pages. Allows to monitor several protocols, including HTTP and HTTPS. Allows to view and record differences. Available for Win7/10, Linux and others.

WebChangeMonitor features:

  • Allows monitoring of web pages and informs about content changes
  • Indication of states of currently monitored items in the tool and taskbar
  • Reporting as sound and/or email as well as log file or HTML log
  • Several configuration / filter options
  • Support all protocols, e.g. http, https
  • Multi-threaded, running in the background
  • Bulk-import and bulk-export of items (from/to CSV) to monitor
  • Export of results to CSV file for further processing
  • Allows running command on items states and/or showing diff (changes) of content with preferred diff-tool ...and many more!
  • Open Source (C++, wxWidgets)
  • Cross platform for Windows (7/10), Linux, RPi and Mac (if self-compiled)

WebChangeMonitor 23.05 changelog:

  • fixed compilation error on *nix and removed experimental content from compilation
  • track and verify if enabling state-db was successful or not (also log)
  • move initialisation of toast notifications to a different place to be run only if required by setup
  • update libCURL to v8.1.1_1 (this is a bug-fix release)
  • implemented initial support for HTTP POST commands / queries
  • fixed FR#256: Not remembering the "Identify as" setting for "CURL" between sessions
  • allow to apply ignore/replace patters before and after content filter (or both), this also fixes FR#246: JSON/XPath Parser fails on content containing certain Unicode characters
  • allow to plot content history (value that is monitored though interpreter). This is a new feature and allows to track and plot prices, for example (or any values in general)
  • added forgotten reset (addition to previous commit)
  • reset result structure at the beginning of new check to also reset content
  • variable naming rules
  • allow interpreter to be used without checking for updates of interpreted values (to be used in plots soon)
  • implemented ability to track interpreted content (using Interpreter)
  • allows to record concrete numeric values of items (e.g. prices) over time
  • add statistics database version info to log
  • fixed UI glitch in config dialog in case statedb is enabled, HTML and ping log is still disabled as an option when entering the dialog
  • added further cURL internals to version info
  • add a list of CURL supported features (following supported protocols) to about screen
  • removed accidentally committed backup file
  • updated libJSONCons to v0.170.2
  • fixed issue that editor command does not resolve %content variable (i.e. in item content dialog)
  • ping error message: avoid having the same error message multiple times in one line
  • notification messages: make use of taskbar icon (OS default only)
  • notification messages: show an error in the logs in case technology / feature is not available
  • fix compilation error on 32 bit targets for stricter compilers
  • clean-up of order rules for includes also for compilation units (*.cpp)
  • clean-up of order rules for includes: wx, std, own AND includes then forward declarations
  • consistent order of includes / forward declarations
  • updated exception handler (exchndl) to v0.9.11
  • implemented more (OS native) options for tool tips
  • insert space between link and alternative link
  • include links to alternative item addresses into HTML logs (for ping and content)
  • fixed inability to un-select a tool in case its being removed from tool registry
  • fixed bug#254: Import from csv sets tag_stop="0"
  • improve German translation

Download: WebChangeMonitor 64-bit | 8.9 MB (Open Source)
Download: WebChangeMonitor 32-bit | 7.9 MB
View: WebChangeMonitor Website | Other Operating Systems

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