Unboxing Microsoft's discontinued Surface Music Kit

Way back in 2013, or what we could call the 'Surface dark ages', Microsoft announced the Surface Music Kit alongside the Surface 2. It was part of a broader idea for products called 'Blades', where different, swappable keyboards could be made for Surface devices.

Detachable keyboards were a pretty new idea in the mainstream at the time, so it seemed like a really cool idea. The Music Kit was the first one, but one could only imagine the possibilities that could arrive in future products.

Unfortunately, it was only ever offered through promotions and contests, and was never sold. The idea of Blades was largely forgotten, until earlier this week when Surface Music Kits popped up on eBay for the low price of around $13.

The keyboards don't work with any modern Surface devices; they only work with the Surface 2, Pro, and Pro 2. We had to jump at the chance to buy one though, because even if this thing will never be truly useful, it's still a part of Surface history.

I was completely unable to get it to work with my Surface Pro, aside from it lighting up when it was attached. If you've got any tips for using one, let me know and I'll make another video.

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