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6 Year Study: Mobile Phones Will Not Cause Cancer

The Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Program conducted a six year study, possibly the largest investigation so far into health risks associated with mobile telephone technology, and concluded that mobile phones will not cause cancer or slow the brain. The researchers studied mobile phones, mobile phone base stations (including newer 3G stations) and the TETRA emergency services radio system used in the UK. The extensive research included five epidemiological studies and eight volunteer studies, three of which explored reported hypersensitivity to signals emitted by phones and base stations.

"None of the research so far suggests that biological or adverse health effects are produced by radio frequency exposure from mobile phones. Reassuringly no epidemiological association was found between short-term and long-term mobile phone use (less than ten years) and cancers of the brain or nervous system. Studies on volunteers provided no evidence that brain function is affected by exposure to the signals emitted by mobile phones or by TETRA radios used by the emergency services," states the report. Likewise, studies on electrical hypersensitivity did not support the theory that unpleasant symptoms are experienced as a result of exposure to signals from mobile phones or base stations.

News source: PC World

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