A British startup is actually building an Iron Man suit

Richard Browning wearing a Gravity's Daedalus suit. Source: Radioactive PR.

Richard Browning is a British engineer and inventor who has, since early 2016, been working on a viable anti-gravity jet-engine suit - or what one could call an "Iron Man suit". He now owns a startup named Gravity, which revealed its first prototype, Daedalus, about a month ago.

Daedalus features six kerosene-fueled micro gas turbines on the back, legs and arms, and each engine can store up to 22 kilograms of thrust. Browning has said investors and some in the British military are already interested in his creation, which you can see in operation in the following videos.

Son of an an engineer father who loved flying machines, Browning has gone through a lot of experimentation and failure to achieve an operational flying suit. But even though his invention is often compared to Iron Man's suit, he insists that his goal is firmly rooted in the real world.

Finally, Browning has attended this year's TED 2017 Conference, in Vancouver, Canada, where he has shown off the Daedalus suit with a successful experimental flight.

Source: Phys.org | Image: Radioactive PR

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