A look inside ATI's HQ

DriverHeaven have visited ATI's Headquarters in Markham, Ontario. If you're interested in ATI as a company or want to see who exactly designs your graphics cards and where they are tested then I suggest you check out the article. Here's a snip from DriverHeaven themselves :

ATI Technologies, a company that has been in existence since 1985, has been setting some high standards in today's 3D graphics card market. It was not too long ago that ATI went through some hard times in terms of competition and in most cases was always "playing catch-up" to other companies. Rivals such as Nvidia and 3DFx had overtaken ATI in terms of 3D graphics speed and market share. Many criticized ATI for lack of driver support, below average customer support, and many incompatibilities with their hardware and software. Nevertheless, ATI stuck with it and continued playing second fiddle.

It wasn't until ATI introduced the Catalyst Crew and their Catalyst Driver Software Suite that ATI made a huge effort to try to claw its way back to the top in the graphics market. Fast forward a little to the present and we now see that the tables have turned. ATI has made a dramatic turnaround! Many customers were being heard, their customer support improved tremendously plus, above all, their once "lack of" driver support is now the total opposite. ATI has now been releasing WHQL certified Catalyst drivers approximately every 6 weeks since Catalyst was introduced.

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News source: Driverheaven.net

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