Adduplex: Windows Phone 8 devices now outnumber WP 7 in the US

In November 2010, the first smartphones made to work with Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 mobile OS went on sale. In November 2011, the first Windows Phone 7.5 devices were made available. Last week, Microsoft officially announced that many of those older devices would be getting an update to Windows Phone 7.8.

Now, well over two years after the launch of the first Windows Phone 7.x smartphones, a new report claims that there are now more of the new Windows Phone 8 smartphones being used in the US. The report comes from Adduplex, which run an online Windows app ad service and has posted information about both Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT device usage in the past based on its online data generated by its ads.

In a post on its Twitter account Monday, the company said:


This snippet of news reveals two things. One is that Windows Phone 7.x sales in the US were extremely slow, even with the Windows Phone 7.5 relaunch in 2011. The other thing is that the public in the US seems to have had a better experience with Windows Phone 8 devices, and we suspect that has to do with the popularity of the Nokia Lumia 920 from AT&T.

Source: Adduplex on Twitter

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