Amazing 'Surface-N' Windows Phone concept video unearthed

Even as Nokia prepares to reveal some new Windows Phone Lumia smartphones on Tuesday, one Chinese designer already has a terrific idea for what future Windows Phone devices might look like and how they will work.

In a YouTube video that was posted in March but only recently promoted, designer KuanGaa Chen of IDEA Mediaworks brings us the 'Surface-N' concept video. As you can see above, the concept shows a display that fills almost the entire side of the case. It states that the phone would have 4K resolution along with Gorilla Glass that is 0.44 mm thick.

The Windows Phone UI has received some changes in this concept, while still retaining its Modern design, with some new looks for the app menu, the main information screen and more. Inside, the Surface-N is supposed to have a Lytro light field camera that would allow its owners to focus on elements in a picture after that image has been taken. Even changing the color theme of the phone can result in changing the color of part of its exterior, something which we think could be possible in smartphones right now.

Perhaps the most advanced part of the Surface-N concept is its holographic display, which would allow for 3D maps and other object to pop out of the screen itself. This kind of feature shown in the video is obviously years away from happening, but there are rumors that Amazon is working on some kind of smartphone with a 3D screen.

In the real world, we're pretty sure it would take a phone with a much more powerful processor and graphics chip to handle the holograms shown in the video. We also have to wonder what the battery life would be like for the Surface-N when the holo-screen is turned on. Even though this concept video shows a device that is more science fiction than fact at this point, the Surface-N clip is really cool to look at and we would love to own one ... someday.

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