Amazon's new app shows up on Windows 10 Mobile

Earlier today, we reported that Amazon launched a new Windows 10 app for PCs. The app has now appeared for Windows 10 Mobile, and it's exactly what you'd expect from a Hosted Web App with minimal additional effort.

As you can see, the screenshot in the app description shows a Windows 8 Start Screen. The other screenshot shows the PC version of the app. The app also doesn't provide a proper splash screen. Anyone who has ever developed an app for the Windows Store would know that the company would simply have to change the background color to white for it to appear a little more presentable.

The company does include a Live Tile with the app, which offers photos of seemingly random items. The tiles are not "chaseable", meaning that if you tap on it, it will not take you to the item you're seeing, nor is there any title or description readily available.

Note that the new 'Amazon' app will not come as an update to the old 'Amazon App' app. As far as the Store listing goes, this one is part of the Windows 8 app listing, which was never retired. 'Amazon App' for Windows Phone was a separate listing, and was fully retired on Monday.

Once it was first known that Amazon was ending support for its app for Windows phones, there was a rumor that it would be working on a Windows 10 Mobile app, which was eventually squashed by Windows Central, which said that the Windows 10 app would be PC-only. Luckily, phone users have something to use, even if it's just a wrapper for the mobile website.

You can grab the Amazon app right here, for PC or Mobile.

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