AMD, Nvidia cooking up Hammer special?

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WE'RE BEGINNING to hear whispers that just like AMD and Nvidia had their "snap" alliance last year, they are working together on something special for when Clawhammer arrives.

How much of the following is true and how much speculation remains unclear right now – but we do know that Nvidia thinks that its chipset for Clawhammer will be something very special indeed.

What about, for example, if both Nvidia and AMD are co developing a killer workstation combo, with the former deciding to call its contribution to development the NV32-64?

This would indeed by a killer product, we're given to understand, in the overall matrix of things.

Can we expect to see a 2.2GHz Clawhammer with a 13 stage pipeline and caches of 32K level one, 1024K level two, and 3MB of level three?

And a GPU specifically designed to take advantage of hypertransport and linked to the CPU in such a way that its graphic performance will beat the pants over anyone who goes for an integrated K8 chipset?

News source: The Inquirer

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