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AMD Prepares 64-bit Assault

Thanks to jerry for the BPN heads-up

Never one to miss out on a piece of the action, AMD is set to launch its 64-bit mobile processor onto the market. The Turion is the company's rival to Intel's Centrino chip. The first products are expected to ship in the summer.

It's apparently aimed at the light, but fast, laptop market - and ones which have extra-long battery life. AMD wants to offer 64-bit technology in these systems to trump Intel's Centrinos - they don't currently offer that facility.

An AMD spokesman said the Turion 64 was "uniquely optimized to deliver industry-leading erformance in thin and light notebook PCs that run fast with long battery life". However, the company hasn't yet revealed what sort of performance is planned for the new chips - or what features will be included on-board.

The spokesman said more information would be released over the coming months. "More details about these new products will be available in the first half of 2005 when systems are expected to become available," he added. AMD remains the second-biggest x86 producer in the world, behind Intel's dominating position. It already offers a range of Athlon 64 processors, but they're not suitable for the lightest notebooks - aimed more at desktop replacement systems.

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