AMD says no to thermal grease

ASK ANY OVERCLOCKER and they'll tell you that thermal grease is an essential part of getting the best performance from a CPU. Now Xtreme Tek has some bad news for those same overclockers. Using almost any thermal grease voids your AMD warranty. There is an exception. Apparently, Shin Estu G 749 does get AMD approval. The only problem is that nobody knows where to get any of it. The most popular thermal grease has been Arctic Silver for a long time now. And that isn't AMD approved so using it means that you've voided your warranty.

Arctic Silver has responded saying that its products are fine. Well, they would, wouldn't they? The thing is, they're almost certainly right. It's odd that AMD has taken this stance; after all, a very large percentage of overclockers head straight for AMD products. You'd have thought that the firm would have gone out of its way to find some way of looking after those customers.

News source: The Inq

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