An iPhone parts supplier backs out, Apple purchases its own production equipment

Over the past month, we have seen many different images of the upcoming iPhone and read news of features that may or may not arrive in the device. But there is at least one thing that has remained constant, and that is the reported struggle Apple is having when it comes to producing its latest handset.

According to The Korean Herald, Apple has purchased production equipment and is loaning it out to some of its suppliers to get the job done on time. The reason for this move is that one of the suppliers that it contracted to make RFPCBs, backed out for unrevealed reasons, leaving the firm to take matters into its own hands and spending “tens of millions of dollars”. But, the investment is critical, as it has been reported many times over the past couple of months that the firm could be falling behind, forcing a delay in the product's launch.

There have been several images leaked of the iPhone's design that show off a handset without a Touch ID sensor on the front or the rear. Although it was rumored that Apple mastered the technology required to embed the sensor under the display, it was later reported that the firm is tinkering with its design down to the wire. Furthermore, if it is unable to get the Touch ID sensor working, it has been speculated that it will instead opt to rely on a 3D facial recognition system.

We are still a few months away from an expected reveal event, but as more news arrives, it does seem that Apple has potentially bitten off a bit more than it can chew this time around.

Source: The Korean Herald via 9to5Mac | Image via Apple

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